Created 2008 by Jennifer "Jenn" Cribb, longtime Resident of Surfside Beach & Native South Carolinian, this group allows for a place to express appreciation for our coastal town.

"SURFSIDIANS" - Those who Love & Care about Surfside Beach, South Carolina & all Coastal areas!
We are Pro-Quality of Life!                          Pro-Environment!                                        Pro-Wildlife & Marine Life Protections!       Pro-Local Small Businesses who Also Care about the environment!                              

Pro-Positive! :-)

You don't need to live here to be a Surfsidian! Anyone can join! All are welcome!               We also have a Facebook PAGE where you can follow & "LIKE" and also can                   Order products on our website! :-) .

When you see something great in Surfside Beach... Share it here! :-)

Surfside Beach is a Super place for ALL to live, work, and play!!

Please, if you have any complaints or issues with our town, contact Town Hall/ Council direct.
This is a negative free zone!